Posted on 31.08.2012.

Promotional bicycle ride (Sunday, 16 September 2012)

A promotional bicycle ride will be held in Belgrade during the European Mobility Week (September 16 – 22). The ride will take place on Sunday, September 16, and it will be organized on a 10.4 km long route from Tasmajdan to Topcider park via the Branko and Ada bridges. The aim of the event is the same as with the two that we have previously organized (in September 2011 and June 2012): promotion of the bicycle as a transportation mean in its own right in Belgrade and improving the conditions for this. Join us at the start in front of St. Marko church at 11:00 on Sunday, September 16. Collect the tags at several points along the route and exchange them for commemorative prizes at the end of the ride.

Park and Ride in Belgrade by using electric bicycles (Saturday 22 September 2012)

As of June this year, the Parking Service Company of Belgrade introduced pedelecs (bicycles supported by a battery for coping on difficult, hilly terrain) on three different locations in Belgrade, remote from the Centre. The goal is to stimulate the citizens of combining different transport modalities by avoiding to access the dense central urban areas by car. Reducing the congestion in the central city parts contributes to less pollution and energy consumption on one side and on the other boosts the cycling in the urban transport.

During the promotion of this system, on Saturday September 22, the people who park their cars at the parking lots at Sava center and at the “Milan Gale Muskatirovic” sports center and take electric bikes there, parking will be free of charge.

Rent-a-Bicycle in the Ministry of Energy and Environment

Through the UNDP project providing support to the sustainable transport in the City of Belgrade, rent-a-bicycle system will be introduced in the Ministry of Energy and Environment. 20 bicycles and appropriate parking racks will be granted to this institution and placed in front of the premises of the ministry on new Belgrade (Omladinskih brigade Street). The bicycles will be rented to all Ministry employees free of charge, either for only daily commuting or commuting to/from home. The rent-a-bicycle system shall function as an open library; one lands the bicycle and returns it back within the given deadline.

The goal is to stimulate the staff of the Ministry to use bicycles for commuting on daily basis and break the existing taboos that cycling Belgrade is difficult. The personnel of this Ministry shall also be the trendsetters for the rest of the civil servants taking into consideration the fact that they are the guardians of the environmental and climate policies of Serbia.